Lemishmerte organic farm resort

The Le-Mishmeret Farm is based on Organic agriculture as well as providing a Culinarian experience, promoting the Farm to Table culture and well-being. The Farm is surrounded by a breathtaking view, located in the Town of Mishmeret (small town, half an hour North-East of Tel Aviv).

Fresh Organic vegetables and fruit to your doorstep
At the Farm, we deliver many types of organic fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in our fields. These are sold to private customers and to leading chef restaurants. These are all hand planted and handpicked, without the use of any pesticides, they are packed and delivered to our customers and to the restaurants shortly after being picked in our fields. Private customers are advised to order in advance (usually 1 day is enough) to enjoy this service, delivered to your doorstep.

Events and meals: Farm to Table
Le-Mishmeret Farm has a wide variety of activities, culinary events and workshops.

The Farm
experience, "breath" and tour of the organic farm, with guidance and explanations, harvesting of crops together with the Chef that will later accompany the meal to follow. Each participant/group will take their self-picked basket filled with quality organic vegetables at the end of the event.

The Table
– Chef meal served on the beautiful grounds overlooking the farm and horizon, usually at sunset. The menu of course includes also the fresh vegetable and fruits just picked, served together with freshly baked pastries, which are made in our own Taboon (outside oven) alongside Israeli boutique wines being freely served. These leading Chef events demonstrate the Le-Mishmeret Farm to Table culture along with the highest quality of ingredients and in a variety of local styles.

The Mishmeret Farm offers 3 activity levels:
-  Open Chef Meal events for people that appreciate nature and good food. These events are continuously published in our website and social networks.
- Special events for companies and organizations that wish to have unique, memorable activity days in the nature and far from the city, yet only 30 minutes outside Tel-Aviv.
- Closed Dinners for groups of maximum 50 participants, friends, business, special events, where the Chef and style are coordinated with the Farm.
Le-Mishmeret Farm acts and provides an experience to renew the strong contact between the earth and the agriculture, based on local products, so to promote the natural relationship between organic farming, quality fresh food and a healthy lifestyle.
We invite you to take an organic part in this amazing experience and feel the excitement! 


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